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Welcome to the meliamadeira.com website (this “Website”). Meliã Madeira makes this Website available under the following terms of use (these “Terms”). These Terms explain the contract between You (“You”, “Your”) and Meliá Madeira (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) in relation to Your use of this Website. You should keep a printed copy of these Terms. However, please note that these Terms may be updated or amended from time to time.

Ownership and Purpose

The site www.meliamadeira.com.pt is owned by Madhotel Empreendimentos Turísticos, S.A., henceforth called Melia Madeira Mare, corporate body no. 511 026 595, whose registered offices are located at Rua Leichlingen, 2-4, 9000-003 Funchal, and is intended for use by customers and persons interested in the services provided by the undertaking.

The site is provided free of charge to make reservations or any other type of contract with Melia Madeira Mare, henceforth called just Hotel.

Use of the site implies the user’s acceptance of the present conditions as well as the obligation to not use any software or application which interferes with the normal operation of the site.

All the elements contained in the site and information provided are owned by Hotti-Hotéis, by other companies which form part of this business group or by the Hotels incorporated in the Hotti-Hotéis management chain, and therefore any reproduction, alteration or use of any of the site’s contents for commercial purposes is prohibited, without written authorisation.

Hotti-Hotéis does not guarantee that access to the site will be uninterrupted or free of failures arising from communication problems, maintenance requirements or operating defects which it cannot reasonably be expected to control or prevent or which have gone unnoticed.

Hotti-Hotéis reserves the right to make changes to any part of the site, without prior notice, and users must always acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions in force at any given time.

The site allows access to other websites which are out of the Hotel’s control. In the event that users access other sites via the links provided, they should acquaint themselves with the specific terms and conditions stipulated by the respective operators.

In order to provide users with information regarding the location of the Hotel, the site also displays public information gathered from websites which are out of the company’s control. The Hotel is not responsible for the accuracy of the contents published or of the links, and cannot be held responsible for any errors which may be contained in such information or for the failure to update said information. Users wishing to check the accuracy of the information provided by these websites should access them directly.

By developing and permitting the use of the Hotel’s website, Madhotel Empreendimentos Turísticos, S.A intends to assure a quality service for its customers and visitors to the site. Given the mode of operation of this website, with reservations re-routed to the hotel’s own reservation system, no information is gathered from the user, other than such information which, for technical reasons, is intended to facilitate the use of the site, as described below.

When you use the website, small text files are created and stored on your computer hard drive. These allow greater ease of access and speed. Information gathered using these files is exclusively for this purpose and will not be disclosed to bodies which do not form part of the Hotel.

You may configure your computer browser in order to block these cookies, but doing so may make it more difficult to use the website.

The gathering and keeping of data via the website, as well as the terms and conditions of the use thereof, are governed and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese legislation, and both parties shall agree, in the exclusive interest of the Hotel, to elect the District Court of Funchal as the exclusive venue with jurisdiction to decide upon any proceedings, actions or legal measures which may arise or result from the use of the website.