Meliá Madeira Mare

Meliá Madeira Mare


Is there any rooms for guest with reduced mobility?

Rooms for guests with reduced mobility are available. Our employees are always ready to help you.

Do rooms have minibar?

Yes, rooms do have minibar.

Are there any connecting rooms?

Yes, there are connecting rooms.

Is it possible to request extra pillows and sheets?

Yes, it is possible to request extra pillows and sheets.

Does the hotel have room service? What is the schedule?

Please contact the reception for more information.

Is it possible to include romantic decoration in the room? What is the cost?

Please contact the reception for more information.

Do rooms have balcony?

Yes, rooms do have balcony.

What are the different types of room available in the hotel?

Considering the 220 rooms, there are:
16 Premium Suites with a fully-equipped kitchen;
8 Master Suites with a Kitchenette;
2 Executive Suites;
2 Rooms for disabled guests.

Do rooms have carpet?

Yes, rooms do have carpet.

Do rooms have air- conditioner?

Yes, rooms do have air-conditioner.

Is there any wake-up call service in the hotel?

Yes, there is wake-up call service.

Do rooms have shower or tub?

Yes, rooms do have shower or tub.

Are rooms soundproof?

Yes, rooms do have soundproof.

Does the room have safes?

Yes, rooms do have safes.